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Stolen Chumba Racing and Brodie bikes!!

edited October 2010 in MTB stolen
Woken up this morning and found my shed where i keep my own bikes and assorted stuff nicked!

They have taken the below stuff, so if anyone is offered a Chumba VF2 or a Brodie Ti Holeshot please let me know.

To say i am pissed off is an understatement, you work hard and some scrote helps themselves to your spoils!

Stuff taken

1 VF2 full bike, medium Ano black with white Fox Float Qr15 forks, Hope wheels, full XT, Thomson stem and seat post, Hope Tech [email protected] brakes

1 VF2 full bike, small Ano black same as above but with SLX.

1 Vf2 full bike, Fox Talas, full SLX, Hope wheels, thomson kit

Ti Holeshot bike, 18" with Fox Vans, full SLX, Hope wheels Thomson kit

Thanks in advance for any help


  • TuckerUKTuckerUK Posts: 398
    Ouch, sorry to hear that.

    Insured I hope?

    No doubt our excellent Police service are on the case dusting for prints and checking all local CCTV...
    "Coming through..."
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