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I know there are a few question floating around about rollers, I was just curious to know if anyone had purchased one with resistance and was the resistance worth it? Read a post saying that the resistance on one model was almost useless.

I also read you can crank up the gears and it becomes harder, just read a few posts saying it didn't quite offer enough resistance even on high gears.

Looked at the Elite V-Arion and CycleOps with resistance? But most people seem to recommend the Tacx Antares, it doesn't come with resistance or an add on. Would be a little annoyed say 1-3 months when I discover I need a bit more resistance. Probably just as annoyed to spend an extra £70 on a function I never use (resistance).

A little confused as to which one to buy. Much appreciate the feedback.



  • softlad
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    I have the Antares - I vary the workout using cadence, the bike's gears and an HRM and I've never felt like I needed more resistance...
  • flanners1
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    I have the Elite V-Arion with resistance. I like the resistance and use it on the maximium (poition 3) for every Sufferfest workout. They are well made and kept me fit last winter when it was really shoddy outside. Can totally endorse them.
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  • Velonutter
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    I have the Elite V-Arion, I had the Tacx Antares previously.

    The tacx was easier to ride, I could hold 34 mph for an hours workout whereas with the Elite I struggle with 28 mph over an hour and that is without adding any resistance.

    I haven't used it for any intervals yet as have been using my turbo for when it is raining, but it is nice to have the options of either.
  • amaferanga
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    You probably won't get over 400W with the Antares without resistance so good for longer intervals or if you have a low-ish FTP.
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  • Was tempted by the Elite V-Arion, just the price put me off.

    Thanks for the advice
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