specialized rockhopper ???

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hi, im new to the mtb and i have been offered a specialized rockhopper 2007 in exc con for £375 is this worth the money and is the bike a good 1 to start on ??
i am looking to travel all over the country with my girlfriends dad he has a trek, giant xtc and a on one will i be able to do the same sort of tracks and jumps

many thanks :D :


  • hi.

    i also have a specialized rockhopper.

    Few questions/advice

    Mine was a rockhopper standard, is the one you trying to buy also? It rock hopper family has a few differant versions, SL COMP and EXPERT, if it a standard one like mine you can check the specs via a website like evans for example.

    On the above, what are the specs of the bike, have they been changed over the years? wear and tear means some of the gear may need changeing which can be costly so allways check what has been changed and what hasnt.

    Price wise i think you depending on the above i listed, ie spec and model, is a bit high.

    My bike was a V break model, 2008, but rest exactly the same as disc, ans i bought from evans for £350 incl tweaks to get sorted .

    Most of the time with second hand bikes you probally want a service once you get it unless brand new as service would tell you a lot of information.

    Maybe ask him when last service was and check if anything was done/changed/needs to be changed.

    sorry for long post, hope it covered some of the stuff you needed to know.

    p.s the bike is very good bike, MTB gave it 10/10 and other mags have also rated it highly, it a great bike.
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  • hi thanks for the reply it is very handy it dos look very clean but i will now be asking him about the service

    it dos have hydralic disc brakes but i was very wearry about the price

    thanks for your advice
  • Get one, there amazingatron
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  • A 2nd hand spealized wont have a warranty as their not transferable.

    Considering a new Decathlon Rockrider 8.1 costs less, buying new might be a better idea.
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  • £375 is pushing it?
    Get him down to £300 and you"l have a good deal and a nice bike.
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    £300 for 2007 is a large enough amount of cash. You will have to service it in a shortwhile anyway so factor this out. E-Bay is full of Rockhoppers or the likes, same as classfields here or on STW. You easily can get a very decent bike with bells'n'whistles for £500 at top nick condition.
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    Good bike to start out on. What's the fork?
  • the rockhopper 07 will have same fork as mine a tora 100mm travel one.

    the new ones have dart 3 though some say no differnace.

    i read a review of cheap hardtails and the halfods vadoo bike came joint top with rockhopper but unsure if they still sell them as they very good bike and maybe halfords think they selling them too cheap, was only around 600 quid
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