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felt f95, giant defy, specialized allez or cube?

spiral stuspiral stu Posts: 2
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hi, i'm looking for an entry level bike @ around £400 as now is a good time to get a decent 2010 model.
i have seen a felf f95 reduced down to £400, which is a great reduction on the rrp, although the colour lets it down.

the giant and speciallized all have good reviews and are available for £400 also.

then i have seen the cube aerial 2010 for £500 down from near £700.

would it be worth paying the extra £100 for the cube.

any advice would be appreciated.



  • bilirubinbilirubin Posts: 225
    Hi Spiral, welcome to the mad house.

    If you spend a bit of time looking through some of the old threads you will find bundles on this subject however most will say go to your local bike shop (LBS) and test ride a few, you will soon know what you like and what you don't.

    I ride a Giant Defy 2 and before I bought it I tested a Specialised, Felt, and of course Giant, it was easy to make up my mind once I had tesed them all.

    Good luck
  • You know, they are all good value for money bikes that you can't go wrong with.

    Instead, get yourself some good fitting and good quality clothing, because after years of cycling I have found that good clothing does make a difference.
  • My mate has just bought the Cube and he's a similar size and heght to me. I took it out and was really impressed with the bike, especially at this priice.

    I ride a bike considerably more expensive and although there is a real difference between the two, the Cube felt like a far more expensive machine. However, I echo Billirubin here :

    1. make sure the bike fits well (LBS the best option here)
    2. get some good, quality clothing (especially as we're nearly in Winter)
  • mr_goomr_goo Posts: 3,770
    I've had my Cube since March and just enjoy every minute of it. You won't be disappointed.
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  • wlshydwlshyd Posts: 25
    My two penny's worth - bought my Allez 16 2010 last week and loving every single minute of it, for it for £400 from Evans as they price-matched it from

    Done around 50miles already and am struggling to find any flaws with it, especially for £400; light for the money at about 21.5lbs, handles superbly, brakes are superb, shifters are better than on my FSRxc i just sold.

    Overall, can't be happier with it, again referring to the superb price.

    Naturally will upgrade some bits and bobs over the coming months, but to start off with i am thrilled with it and want to get out on it every chance i get. I know this is only one-sided but hope it helps
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