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McCullochEMcCullochE Posts: 25
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Having had a triple, for my new bike I'm planning to get a compact with the new 11-32 gearing SRAM Apex - for a trip to the Alps.

However, I like Specialzed bikes which don't offer the Apex - but my LBS guy has suggested change the rear (Shimano 105) gears for the Shimano MTB gears which will give me the 11-32 spread. I'm relaxed about not being a purist (too old to care), but does this work? What are the downsides from a practical sense?


  • I used one of the new 10 speed XT casettes (11-34) with a Dura Ace 7900 rear mech this summer in the Alps with no problems, just adjusted the B adjustment screw and lengthened the chain. Not sure whether it will work with 105, but worth a go, especially if it is the latest generation 105. If it doesn't then buy an mtb rear mech. And enjoy the Alps.
  • mikey_748mikey_748 Posts: 108
    Is it possible to fit a smaller front ring? Have the same issue myself for a planned Alps trip - would like the backup of a high gear in case it's needed but dont fancy the gaps that something like a 12 - 31 would end up with
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