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I ordered a hope stem with these people and its been 2 weeks now but still it has not arrived. They told me it will arrive thursday last week and then it didnt so they said maybe monday as the latest, so waited all day but has not turmed up. Its already tuesday and still no sign of it. So i told them ill just have a refund since there is no point in waiting for it as this is the final piece to my build. Then what really made me soo angry is what they said. "Just come back when you received the item and we will give you the refund". wtf??? This is unbelievable!! So if i dont receive the stem then i wont get my money back!! This is by far the crappiest customer service ever!!!


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    Do search on the forum. Im sure I read another thread a little while ago about this company. I think people were reporting long waiting times and very poor customer service. Not sure if any of the issues got resolved adequately.

    That is really poor service. I'd be on the phone, demanding either they guaranty a reasonable dispatch time or they cancel the order now and give a total refund. Not acceptable.

    maybe check the trading standards website or something to check your rights. I would've thought if they hadn't dispatched the item yet then you could cancel the order and get a full refund including and P&P you may have paid?
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    The internet is full of stories of this company.

    Speak to your credit card company and tell them that they company have failed to deliver the goods, you have cancelled the order and you would like them to recover your money. They will have the money credited to your card in 2 days.
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    I filed a case in paypal but not sure if that was the best thing to do. Ive also read some people saying that they really have poor customer service.
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    There have been plenty of reports of bad service & missing goods from Mark Anthony/ActiveSport UK over several years. It amazes me how this company is still trading after the issues I've heard over the years.

    Hopefully Paypal can resolve the issue for you.

    Did the payment come from your bank or a credit card?
  • hypadunkz
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    The payment was fron my available paypal balance. Hopefully it will be sorted as my new build cant wait any longer.
  • Paypal is a load of shit.
  • active sport/mark anthony bikes are bad news. i've only used them once, and had to get open a paypal dispute to get my money back.
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    these guys suck.....they just fobbed off a pair of 600quid forks and said they would send anohter pair the next day....neither pair turned up. Utter complete cnuts
  • What I wonder is how places like this have not been shut down yet by any trading standards associations.
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    I also wonder why this shop is still operating 21 years in service and it gives a service like this. Anyway this has caused me a load of shoot. I was hoping to finish my build last week! I guess it has to wait a little longer.
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    report them to BBC Watchdog? try to name and shame them on TV.
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    find out if it's been dispatched yet, if it has, you'll need to wait the amount of time required under their delivery methods insurance requirements, eg, if sent by standard royal mail this could well be a few weeks, by courier a couple of days. Once your past this time period, it will be deemed to have been lost in transit. As this company is responsible for the package until it reaches you, they most credit you and sort out the insurance claim for the package themselves.

    So, if i was you, find out if they've posted, if not demand they cancel it
    if posted, found out what method and when, then work out how long you need to wait until it's officially "lost"
    Once it's lost, demand a refund, if they won't refund, get credit card/trading standards/paypal onto them.
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    ive received the stem already, it seems like this online shop is having difficulties with keeping records of orders being sent out. They told me they sent it 7/10/10 but then it was sent out 13/10/10. That was the day after i filed a claim in paypal. anyway wont order from them again unless im really desperate.
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    Nah, it's not so much about their record keeping, it's the fact that they can't even be bothered to lie effectively. Last time I dealt with them they looked out the window and said "Oh, it's snowing, we'll blame snow"- the order was almost 3 weeks old at that point but the snow had only started the day before. You sort of take it for granted that some companies will lie to you but you hope they'll at least make an effort.

    After I dropped negative feedback for them I realised that they'd done much the same thing to me once before, I just didn't realise it was them again. They then tried to bribe me into retracting the feedback with a puncture repair kit :lol: It was my pleasure to tell him that fannying around over a £10 part had cost them a £500+ fork sale. He did not like it much :lol:
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    Quick update just ordered some things off Member ID outdoortoy1234 off fleabay and they are Markanthony/activesports so buyer beware!
  • Wish i had read this post before ordering a helmet mount for my lights from this place

    Over a month and sod all, e-mailed them 5 or 6 times each time they "assure" me that they have sent this item ...... once standard mail and once recorded , i think they are just full of sh*t.

    They are only 35 miles away from me in Buxton .... i could have walked it there and picked the f*cking thing up within a month.

    Worst company i have ever dealt with..... they said they will refund me in full so i'll see how that goes.

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    They used to be my LBS. The guys in the shop weren't too bad - but they have a warehouse across town where they deal with all the online stuff. They even asked for my help with their website.

    They aren't scammers. Just lazy and unorganized and inept. Doesn't help if you have ordered something from them. I would never order anything from them.