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Water in my back wheels's rim

brazilianhipsterbrazilianhipster Posts: 56
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Hi - I have a Trek Pilot 5.0 and it's got the original Bontrager Race wheels.

Every time I ride when the road is wet/raining, water is collecting in the rim of the back wheel. If you gently spin the wheel (with the tyre on), you can hear water sloshing around!

The only way I can get the water out, is to take the tyre/inner tube and rim tape off the wheel and shake the wheel. Water seems to be coming from inside the wheel and appears to be coming out of the spoke holes.

Any ideas on how it's getting in and how to fix it?



  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,055
    if it comes out of the spoke holes, maybe it gets in the same way, water on the spokes will move outwards as the wheel spins, that would drive it through the holes if there're any gaps

    some wheels have a small drainage hole in the rim, have a good look to see if yours does, maybe it's blocked
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