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So, as the title says I have a trail that causes me problems. Its a non technical, loose stoned and grass bit of double track.

The first time I tried it I was going the wrong way as it was virtually all up hill for 3.5ish miles, that wasn't the problem. the issue then was a bolt working loose and then fell off, that was on my rear rocker to seat triangle.

The next time, I linked onto it from another trail and had a sudden bout of cramp. that made the whole journey home hell.

Then I ventured onto it to do the descending as I thought it would be better that way. 250/500 yards in and PING TWANG TINK TINK THRURRRRP THURRRRP. Spokes popping on the rear wheel, wheel so out of shape it was just touching the chain stays at the worse of the buckle. 11ish miles from home, right on top of the moors.

I managed to tweak the wheel to stop it rubbing and had to return via the roads.

Anyone else got a localish trail that has caused you more problems that its worth?
I am going back to it today to see if it really is jinxed for me.
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  • Biggest problem from my trails is me losing weight, which isn't much of a problem at all. I'm blessed I guess
  • Apart from the odd off, a few flats and a broken mech hanger I have been lucky. Had an issue with ghost shifting for around 3 months. That just went away.

    Like I said, I aim to do it or part of it later. Could be the last time if I have more jinxes.
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    I had a section of trail where I kept falling off, it wasnt anything extreme it just kept jumping up and biting me. It is a regular ride and it started to really bug me for the 3 or 4 miles before this section it was all I could think of and it started to ruin my ride. So I decided to really give it a good go and went and spent a day just riidng down the section till I was absolutely knackered. Now I have it beaten and it has just become another rocky bit of trail.

    Mind you about a month ago on this section I whacked my mech into a big rock it smashed the XT mech sending it into the wheel, bending the hanger and bust or bent 8 spokes plus I have a big gouge on my rim. Total cost of repairs £95. The trail always wins.
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    I always have a bit of a scary moment at the end of tank traps in Swinley.

    It's the first plae I had a big off and when that happened it was an over the bars moment in front of a passing group of other MTB'ers.

    Is nothing major,just a small drop off and since then I have done much bigger and started doing bigger jumps down drop offs etc, but whenever I approach that section I tend to give it a more respect than it's due!
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    For me when any trail defeats me in anyway the next time i get to the top of it i stop for a moment gather my thoughts and pull my focus well a truely together thinking about the section that gave me the breakdown or crash last time check all is set just as it should be and go for it :twisted: .
    normally works for me 8)
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    I had a problem with a little drop off, going from one track going down hill that ran in to another going up hill. I could always just stick to the track, but there is a wall separating the two which just begs to be jumped off of. Not the biggest, or trickiest drop off I do on my little loops round local trails, but every time I did this one, I would lose the pedals and get twatted in the shins. Pissed me off so much I went and bought some shin pads and went back to session the drop off. Didn't lose the pedals once, and it has never happened since.
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    There's a woods near my mates house with some nice trails, but i refuse to ride there any more because every time i do i break a mech or mech hanger, its happened the last 3 times iv been. lol
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  • Yeay. Been on the trail and no incidents.
    I havn't checked the bike ror damage/missing bits yet, but there is no obvious breaks or missing parts.

    Also cheated and swung off onto road to link up another bridleway. Didn't want to tempt fate.
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    I ruined 2 Rocket Rons in exactly the same way on the exact same corner in 2 different races, 2 months apart, both times being followed by the same rider! It literally looked like I'd hit the same thing both times, very annoying.