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Closed Road Hill Climb - Kingscavil West Lothian

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As last year, the West Lothian Clarion is organising an open hill climb up the fabled Kingscavil near Linlithgow.


And to make things even more exciting, we also hold an open hill climb for children (age 6+) and a running event.

Competitors can enter either the running and cycling event or both. There will also be a prize for the fastest team of two (runner and cyclist). The ultimate (unofficial) cyclists against runners race

Event date: 17 October 2010
Start time: 9am (runners), 10am (cyclists) and 11am (children)

Entry fees:
Running: £5 for Scottish Athletics members (£7 non-members)
Cycling: £8, Youth £4, Children (<16) £1.50 (all plus day license where required)
Individual Duathlon Entry: £10/£12(non-SAL) - includes Run & Cycle entry fees.

The entry fee for the cycling hill climb is £8. The SCU calendar says £10 but we decided to reduce the price because we felt a tenner was a bit steep (forgive the pun) for a hill climb

Ah yes, and ther will be cakes and refreshments and a piper. And prizes, obviously.

The event closing date is the 10th october for the Adult and ages 12+ but we are going to extend it for an extra day to Tuesday 12th.

The Under 12s event can be registered on the day but to secure a place for your child please email the address below:

For more information visit our website ... climb.html

or contact Matthew Ball: secretary[AT]

Thanks, see you there on 17th


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    If you don't fancy racing, why not come and watch - last year we attracted a large crowd to the closed road.

    To add to the atmosphere, we've booked a bag piper to pipe the competitors up the hill
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  • The website says the event has closed for entry????

    Are you allowing EOL or is this post to attract spectators?
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    Hi Ben
    like I wrote in the original post, we'll be holding entries open to tomorrow (12th), so if you get the cheque in the post today, you'll get on the start sheet

    There won't be any entries on the line for the 12+ race but we will have entries on the line for the 6-11 year olds (closes 10.15am), best to to let me know though if you want to secure a place for that age group.


  • Matt
    Many apologies - I should have read your post more closely rather than just madly clicking on the link to the website. :oops:
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    Start sheets now published ... -kids.html

    and here: ... lists.html

    We've managed to double the entries compared to last year - thanks very much!

    Now all we need are some supporters...

    Hopefully this photo will attract you - tables bowing under the weight of cakes made by the Clarion bakers!

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