noise from wheel hub; ok to ride till serviced?

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Hi all,

After last ride I noticed that there is a slight grinding noise from the front wheel hub. Sounds like some dirt has worked its way in and it needs a service after 2500 miles. The wheel spins ok, but not quite as freely as the rear. There doesn't seem to be any play.

I already have a full service booked in a week which will include servicing the hubs. Just wondering if I am going to cause any serious damage if I ride the bike till then?

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  • Difficult to say... only you know it. If it's still quite smooth, maybe, otherwise I wouldn't risk it... the front should spin a lot more than the rear, as you've got no freehub...
    Definitively not suitable for long rides
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    Do you know what kind of hub it is? If it's cartridge type bearings they should be replaced at the service so keep riding it. If they are adjustable cone / ball type bearings you could conceivably make things worse by continuing to ride it. I'd be tempted to have a look myself. With most front hubs you just need a couple of cone spanners, and somewhere clean and well lit to work (the ball bearings will fall out and attempt to hide)
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    Thanks for the advice.

    It's a Shimano r500, adjustable cone/ ball

    Would normally have looked myself, but all my tools are still back in the UK (together with spare wheels, he!).

    I inspected the wheel today and noticed that the grinding noise has gone completely. It's smooth, but doesn't spin quite as long as the rear if I push it with my hand.

    I haven't done anything to it; however I washed the bike after my long ride the other day, so maybe this has dislodged some grit/sand near the seal? The route was up a very windy west coast of NZ with a stretch stop at a beach, so it is possible that sand had worked part way in.

    Think I'll take it for a short spin and keep a close eye on it. Any noise and I'll wait till it's serviced.

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