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Hi all. Bought my first roadie about 6 weeks ago and regret not going for carbon straightaway tbh.

Out of the three 'cheap' carbon bike companies, which one do you think is best?

Planet-X, Ribble or Focus?

Plus, are they bringing out a 2011 Focus. I see some new 2011 bikes have been added to Wiggle but no sign of 2011 Cayos.


  • Pokerface
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    Yes there are 2011 Focus bikes coming. ( ... rban-range)

    I'd go for a Focus out of your 3 choices - but nothing to back that up with really. Although they do sponsor a Pro team, so they can't be all that bad. :)
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    What did you buy instead? - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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    Just what is it that you think carbon will give you that your almost new, presumably alloy, bike won't?
  • twotyred wrote:
    Just what is it that you think carbon will give you that your almost new, presumably alloy, bike won't?

    The point being that carbon frames are fast becoming as affordable as aluminium ones, assuming you go for a generic, poorly branded or unbranded model, and not one with words like De Rosa or Pinnarelo on.
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    The high-end foci (focuses, if you prefer..) and ribbles are top end frames that have been used by pro-teams - the Focus Izalco and the Dedacciai Scuro RS. Not sure that Planet-X have anything to compete at that level, but at the lower end of the range there is probably not so much to choose between the three.
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    Because Carbon is the fashionz init
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    Six weeks into road cycling - the bike won't matter much at all. If you really think the bike is holding back - make sure you have clipless pedals - and then some top notch tyres - Michelin Pro Race 3 are my favourite - this will make more of a difference then switching to a carbon bike.

    FWIW - I think the boardman is the best entry level carbon bike.
  • reason i am thinking of changing is that my current alu bike has been in and out of lbs with lots of little problems and it's seriously annoying me. therefore thinking might try to get money back and get new bike which i'd like to be carbon.
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    Ribble Deda Scuro RS - the same frame is ridden by a number of pro-teams and sells for £700 more with a different paintjob e.g. Guerciotti Team from Planet-X
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    The frame material wont affect niggles?!

    Carbon is better than cheap alu... no doubt about it.