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Help with burning feet

matty2matty2 Posts: 3
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Hello all, I have been riding for a few months now but have been having prolems with my feet. I am using a pair of Northwave carbon road shoes with Shimano spdl pedals but as soon as ive racked up 20 or so miles the my feet burn like hell. They burn on bottom all the way along the outside. I have tried moving my cleats in different positions but could really do with some advise. Thanks :D


  • kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,163
    Get some gel inserts - to protect your metatarsals - not a cure by any means but will help. Scrunch your toes a bit - and drink loads of water.

    It could be that your feet are swelling when you ride as they get hot- so you might need bigger shoes - even though they feel ok now. Mine used to get hot at night - but a couple of pints of water before bed helped.
  • Resist the temptation to tighten your shoes pre ride.

    After about 15-20 mins your feet will swell, and pressure from the your shoes will cause pain!
    So Id say slacken them off and let your feet grow into them!
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