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From MTB with road tyres/tri bars to Road Bike.............

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Hi there,

How much difference will a road bike really make to my time / enjoyment of road cycling....?? I bought a 2008 Marin Nail Trail MTB a few years back on the cycle to work scheme, nice bike. This year I've put MTB road tyres on it, tri bars, locked the suspension on it etc to use it on the road.

I've used it for a triathlon, train on it (10 - 20 mile rides) and intend to compete regularly next year. I'd like a road bike but in all honesty how much difference to my times, ease of cycling, etc would a road bike give over what I'm using now. It's very easy to look at decent road bikes (£600 - £1000 bracket) and dream but in reality that's a huge amount of money to spend for the average person with mortgage, baby etc.

There are several Bianchi, Wilier, and Boarman bikes that I do fancy, either new or a good used steal on t'inernet........ is it a small improvement to ride a road bike, or significant enough to make the MTB redundant and slash my bike split times? Any advice would be very welcome.




  • Thankyou for the many and varied responses, the forum is clearly is marvellous, welcoming place in which to encourage an undecided road cycling beginner................. :-)
  • danowatdanowat Posts: 2,877
    There are TONS of the exact same topic asked, maybe a search would yeald everything you need to know.
  • Its a fairly well-trodden topic - there's been similar threads in two parts of the Road forums in the last week already. Having said that, most people here don't seem to mind going over things again! I'm guessing your topic slipped off the first page rather quickly.

    I suppose the main benefits would be (probably) less weight, more aggressive geometry and narrower tyres - all I'm sure would contribute to faster times, but I couldn't quantify it personally.

    You might also get on better with SPD-SL pedals instead of the mountain bike type pedals (SPD?) I'm guessing you're using currently.

    How much do you think you'd get from selling your current bike that could go towards a road bike? I don't suppose you're using your current bike off road much at the moment so no real loss there?
  • northernneilnorthernneil Posts: 1,549
    I have a an old hard tail marin with road tyres that i use as a knock about bike and when its wet, I reckon I travel 25% slower and certainly use more energy for the same distances covered than when on my road bike,

    its like the difference between a ford focus and a lotus elise
  • Thanks for the replies, grump finished..! Tempting as it is to sell my MTB (one just went for £400 on Ebay) I can see it being hooked up to a child trailer/carrier before long for family bike rides :-)

    I think I'll pick up a solid £800ish road bike on Ebay at a lightly used, lower price by Xmas. Have a duathlon in November on a flat, smooth course so that'll be a good comparison on my MTB with road bikes around me. I got left behind a wee bit on my first triathlon on the MTB but it was a very hilly course.

    Funnily enough I had a Lotus Elise before baby, and now a family car...... if the difference is comparable (tongue in cheek a bit) then a road bike should be significantly better :-)
  • I've ended up buying a 2010 Wilier Escape road bike on Ebay for £420. First 10 mile ride I lowered my 10 mile PB to 32 mins. Took months and mega effort to get to 33 mins on the MTB..!

    I was playing with the gears a bit, and didn't get onto the big gear on the front.... I can see going sub 30 before long when I'm more used to the bike. Don't know why I ever doubted the difference a road bike would make! :-)
  • I currently run small knob tyres (Larsen TT front; Maxxis Aspen Rear) on my mtb and there's no comparison between it and the roadie.

    The roadie is easy to ride and much faster but still gives a good workout.
    I enjoy riding them both.
  • If you've been training hard on the mountain bike you'll be flying in no time on the roadie, get it on the big cog! :lol:
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