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Signing on time for a time trial or hill climb

sheffsimonsheffsimon Posts: 1,282
edited October 2010 in Amateur race
Usually ride road races, and never ridden an open time trial before,but am riding a hill climb tomorrow.

Is signing on time an hour or so before my start time or the start time of the first rider off. I am presuming its based on my time, otherwise its a long wait for some riders.


  • sub55sub55 Posts: 1,025
    its not like a road race. turn up at the hq , on the table with the race numbers will be the signing on sheet. scribble your name down at the appropiate place , take your number and get changed. theres no formality to it at all.
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  • simon_esimon_e Posts: 1,685
    If it's an Open you should have signed up at least 12 days in advance and received some information through the post.

    You can turn up and sign on when you like as long as you get your number pinned on and are at the start line before the timekeeper begins counting down from 10.... well, technically you can be late if you wish but it's not good manners :wink: And you'll incur a time penalty.
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  • sheffsimonsheffsimon Posts: 1,282
    Thanks for replies, have entered and have a start sheet, but doesnt have info about signing on.

    Cheers. :)
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