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Interesting Article and acheivment by beginner

van nicvan nic Posts: 29
edited October 2010 in Road beginners
Friend of mine is 20 miles short of completing a epic journey from Newcastle to South wales for the Bobby Robson fund.

When he first mentioned it earlier this year i was firstto think youve got no chance. A little overweight and on a average to poor bike with his only experience from riding a chopper grifter and striker btwn the ages of 7 and 16 :D .

Yet with little encoragment Giles was on his bike slowly building up distance and fitness! Initially others were interested but slowly dropped out to leave him alone with a back up driver and support vehicle.Due to unforseen circumstances his back up driver/support vehicle also dropped out leaving Giles desperatley phoning around for a set of bags for the bike. Anyway off he went on Monday from Newcastle...... ... _1_1657023


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