Anyone built a 3 speed hub gear up to put on singlespeed?

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I have a giant bowery 84 that i love but i struggle when the speed hots up, i was thinking of building up a sturmey archer 3 speed hub with a rim, ideally the same as the front which is an alu 50mm black rim.

Has anyone done this and if so what sort of speeds and hills is the hub-wheel suitable for?


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    One of my bikes has been 5 speed hub, 3 speed hub, singlespeed, 3 speed hub, fixed. It just depends on what you want for your bike at the time :)
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  • Warrior4life, I would certainly encourage you to give this a go. SA hubs are far more flexible than you might imagine. You can pick up a second hand hub for next to nothing, try and get a spoke hole count that will match your intended rim. The big bonus to my way of thinking is that the sprockets can be changed very quickly and can be bought new for a few pounds for quite a wide range of tooth counts. This means you can fine tune your set up to your needs. There is plenty of info on the net on servicing hubs and spares are readily come by.