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brake lever loose?

clairelcclairelc Posts: 49
edited October 2010 in The workshop
i seem to have a problem with the actual lever of my rear brake - its rather loose, and i can "jiggle" it about quite easily. When i look at the action of it, when i pull on the lever it pulls the cable ok, but doesn't seem to snap back into position quickly and I think this is what's causing the wobbliness of the lever.

is it just a case of tightening the break cable, or is there something within the break lever housing that needs adjusting?



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    what brake lever is it? and is the action a rotation about the pivot or up/down across the pivot?

    IE loose or worn?
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  • from t'interweb it is:

    Front Brake:Alloy V-Brake
    Rear Brake:Alloy V-Brake
    Brake Levers:Integrated with Shifter

    i only bought the bike in july, so very much doubt it's worn out by now. definately a looseness though.

    not sure about the around/across pivot - will look this eve after work...
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    I am sure there are some markings on the lever you can share with us.

    As Nick asked in what direction is the lever loose, does it move up and down (along its pivot) or wobble, or is it floppy or what.

    Maybe take a pic and post along with some edited on arrows to show what you mean.

  • rhannrhann Posts: 383
    what make is the bike?
  • thanks guys, think i've solved it with a bit of help from the bf over the weekend. just a case of things loosening up since it was new a few months ago. have adjusted the break cable both at the top and at the brake itself and seems to have done the trick :-)
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