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Ok so its the old favourite, should I save for a new bike or upgrade. I have a 2010 Scott Speedster S50, I went for this as the frame got excellent reviews and it was reduced to £ 610 from £ 650.

I would be looking to spend around £200 - £400 on upgrades, mostly sensible stuff such as wheelset and tyres and maybe a new/slightly used 105 groupset but thats about it.

I commute to work 6 miles each way on flat fast roads that are a little bumpy in sections and do about 20-40 miles at the weekend. I would say I am a keen cyclist but not a weight weenie or a serious racer.



  • 1. Why do you feel the need to upgrade?
    2. £400 is going to be tight for a set of wheels AND a 105 groupset
    3. If your commuting, do you have clothes for the winter commute? Warm waterproof, base layer, overshoes, etc?

    I'd save the money for after winter for a new groupset then. Winter salt and mud will kill your drivetrain. You could save over the winter too and have a nice tidy sum to sink into your cycling habit. Some new tires would make a difference though, and they would be useful for winter....
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