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Stolen GT Ruckus I Drive 7- Dodgy Phone Calls, EDINBURGH

condowallacecondowallace Posts: 9
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Hi there,
I've had two phone calls from someone who claims to have bought my bike after seeing my post:

1st call he made was a month ago and he said that he had bought the bike for £400, and thinking it it was a bit iffy, he had a look on this forum and seen my post. As it's been missing for a year and have bought a new bike, and because of my all round good heartedness I said it would be fine for him to keep the bike because it was with someone who was going to use it properly, etc.
A few weeks later he phoned again and explained he was emigrating to Australia and asked whether it would be ok with me if he were to sell the bike on and "cut his losses", as he put it. I found this a bit weird so asked to see the bike, to which he said would be a problem because he was certain that it was my bike and that I would take it off him. I asked for his number so I could phone him back after thinking, calming down, etc.

Having now discovered that the number he gave me doesn't exist (it was 07706204758) I'm a bit pissed off and was wondering if anyone could shed some light. He didn't tell me his name but said he lives in the Leith area of Edinburgh. So if anyone knows anyone who owns a GT Ruckus I-Drive 7, who is possibly moving to Australia, or sees anyone with the bike please contact me.
Thanks for reading and I apologise for the short novel. :D
Best Regards
Connor 07794177181
Live hard, Ride hard, Die hard.
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