My first ever PROPER crash last night..........OUCH

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Well it had to happen sooner or later;
Ringwood Forest, 7.30pm, dark and wet.
Fast downhill section got my front wheel into a foot deep rut while doing 20mph or so, next thing I am airborne and land full on my left shoulder.
I knew straight away it was dislocated.........OUCH !

A sorry sight I must have looked limping my way back to the main road to meet my wife who had come to rescue me followed by 3 hours in A&E :(

Bike appears OK but OMG my shoulder hurts. Feeling very sorry for myself now.

It did however bring home the potential dangers of nightriding on your own especially if far from home. But will be back on the bike as soon as I am able :wink:
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    Bike-crash-A&E-nothing-too-serious sounds like an AWESOME night out! GWS!
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    Its not a proper crash if there was no one there to laugh at you I am afraid. :lol:

    Make sure you do loads and loads of physiotherapy it will hurt like a bitch but no pain no gain I am afraid. If you dont do it your shoulder will never be as strong as it was. GWS
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    I feel your pain. Shoulder dislocations take a long time to fix. Make sure you get a propper shoulder harness from the hospital and not just a sling or wrist collar. The latter only supports the fore arm, but most of the arm weight is still on the shoulder joint. You need a propper harness to take your arm weight away from your shoulder joint and to imobilise it while it fixes. You'll need a good bit of physio in a few weeks also.
  • Must admit I have never done a night ride on my own, plenty of daytime riding. I bet your wife had plenty of sympathy for you....

    Hope the shoulder heals quickly.

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    thanks for messages
    can barely move it without excrutiating pain
    Not looking forward to weeks/months off the bike :cry:
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  • as long as your bikes alright thats the main thing,seriously hope you can get back on your bike as soon as possible
    I assume this is French petrol - be careful in reverse - the car will retreat rapidly at the least provocation.
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    Dislocating your shoulder is a pain in the arris! I used to be able to throw really well..... not anymore!
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    Its amazing how little you have to be doing to dislocate your shoulder.
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    I fell off a skateboard!
    "Time you enjoy wasting, is not a waste of time"

    "I'm too young to be too old for this shit"

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    I know the pain you must be feeling and i sympathise with you mate :roll:

    I crashed early in September , after a brief flight , landed on my right shoulder and broke my collar bone!

    Still recovering but should be back out soon.
    Take it easy , it will mend

    Ride safe 8)
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    Its close, but the coller bone takes it for pain (or at least a spiral fracture over the length of the collar bone anyhow) Dislocated shoulder is really painfull when its out of joint but the pain is massivly reduced when its back in. Long recovery though. Coller bone hurts more for longer. I couldnt sleep on one side for a year after doing the coller bone. Dislocated elbows are fun too.
  • I fell off my bike seven weeks ago and broke my shoulder.

    It's healed wrong and now face the prospect of surgery to fix it. 4 weeks in a sling then another 3 months before it will be normal again.

    They have said to go back to doing everything I used to do before and if it impedes my lifestyle then I have to make a decision on the surgery.

    Bad times :evil:
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    The only real pain with bike -> A&E is having to wait 3 hours or more just to get the initial triage, and knowing the car park charges are racking up like mad (assuming it wasn't an ambulance trip).
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    haha i ditched inner city on my mtb a van opened his door and hit my break caliper :( now have spinal problems but hey im still rideing hard :D haha
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