Aero wheel depth buying front smaller than back.

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Good evening

Noticed during the Vuelta and weekends world champs that a lot of pros were using two differnt wheels someting like a 50mm deep aero rear and about a 20mm to 35mm aero front.

I really like the look of this combo for my bike. Maybe thinking of buying a 2011 Dura Ace C35 front and a 2011 Dura Ace C50 rear when they come out soon.

Does it have the same beenfits as running say two 50mm deep aero wheels but with a bit less weight.

Or is there a total other benfit for doing it.

NapD might be able to answer this one as i noticed he used to run a deeper rear on his cervelo.

If not much advantage might just go for the trusty cosmic carbone sl's 50mm deep £750 quid.

Thanks in advance


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    Was it very windy ? If anything you'd want more of the aero benefit on the front wheel as thats in clear air. The one at the back is in turbulent air.

    Maybe they were going for light weight for the steep (but short) ascents ?
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    I'd say it depends on the type of riding you do. A deep rim rear has a (supposedly) good aero advantage but you might want to run a shallower rim at the front to avoid steering snatch in cross-winds.

    Some people run 50mm front, 80-100mm rears, 50mm front, disc rears etc.

    Not much of a weight advantage really I'd have thought.

    BTW the Mavics are great but the SLRs are superb! :)
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    Thanks for the advice

    Are the SLR's the same as the new SR's?
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    JAGGY wrote:
    Thanks for the advice

    Are the SLR's the same as the new SR's?

    I believe so. I got my SLRs just as they were going as clearance items and making way for the new rims. I think there are some minor design changes between the older SLRs and the new SLs - don't know if anyone has both to compare with??????
  • I like the refreshing honesty of liking the look of it !

    It's normally done as it improves handling and the deeper rear is normally a bit stiffer.

    The combo you suggest should work and look fine - though not very "pro" as it's clincher.