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bhf - dark peak challenge this saturday

mystery hmystery h Posts: 154
edited October 2010 in XC and Enduro
anybody on here doing this ride, i have signed up for the advanced route :shock: but looking at doing the extreme depending on the conditions on the day 8)

any pointers to what equipment i will need, is the route marked out with waypoints?


  • I will be there.... put myself forward for the 40 mile route.. not sure why!!!.. tha may well be reviewed mid ride.... :shock:

    never done it before but it implies there are markers but also you need the map... Weather focast is changing every day... so it says rain now :(

    There is water stations but im taking loads of liquid and plenty of food as well the usual spares etc..
  • mystery hmystery h Posts: 154
    didnt know whether i would need my own os map or just use the map which was included in the pack (the revised pack!)

    i too will be looking at changing routes depending on the conditions, but the ultimate does look awesome!

    looking forward to it, my first event, should be fun
  • how did it go??? i did the 34 , even the gps said 37!!! my legs couldnt take the 40 in the end..... took about 7.5 hrs .....if i do it again i need to train harder

    Thankfully the weather was good, even the winds were a little strong at the top :shock: :shock:
  • mystery hmystery h Posts: 154
    it went great, ended up doing the 34, although it was just under 34 at the last split for the ultimate :?

    a lot of steep climbs involved but i loved it, especially the rocky descents

    finished also in 7.5 hrs, taking a few breaks on the way, i heard someone came unstuck at the back of mam tor and had to be airlifted out :shock:

    longest ride i have done
  • we pulled up at the checkpoin with the split between 24 and 34 and the marchall was on his walkie talkie arranging the air ambulance.....any idea what happened...?? must have been a bad one...

    it was good would have prefered some more downs than ups :D
  • mystery hmystery h Posts: 154
    it seems that a rider had damaged their ankle, dont know the full details, but due to the location, the paramedics were unable to get to them, so they had to use the chopper

    just noticed that the sidewalls on my rear tyre are shot :x
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