tioga psycho 2 tyres

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Anyone used or even heard of these?

I need to stick some better off road tyres on my pub bike as it will be used for all my riding untill the insurance pays out on my stolen hardrock.

been offered a pair of psychos i can have for free which look to be old but in pretty good condition. the tread pattern looks reasonable as well but never heard of them.


  • RevellRider
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    I used to have a pair of these back in the late 90's. Even back then they were a little out of date.

    They were a decent tyre back then, not sure how much the rose tinted glasses may affect my view though
  • .blitz
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    I used to have a pair of these back in the late 90's.

    I had some grey skinwalls, bought primarily for looks. But hey if they're free...
  • tsenior
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    hmm if they're that old i may leave it, i dont need anything particulalry high performace but dont want a sudden catastrophic failiure either.

    how long do tyres last if not used and kept in a cool dark place?
  • .blitz
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    5 years minimum. Electromagnetic radiation kills them quicker than anything.

    I was going to chuck out some old Michelin Wildgrippers a year or so ago but blitz jr's mate expressed an interest in them for his Giant DJ bike. The rubber was hard like plastic and the sidewalls had started to perish but he liked the colour (they were green Wildgrippers) so I let him have them.

    He's still using them even though the rear is worn down to the carcass.
  • I still have a pair hanging in the garage, my favourite tyre until the Fire XCs came along.
    Can't bring myself to chuck them away, keep thinking they'll be suitable for a flat bar retro build one day.
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  • tsenior
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    as the bike is a "flat bar retro build" i am going to have a closer look and stick em on if they pass inspectuion.

    i am inevitably going to have to buy some new tyres for whatever repalcement bike i end up with anyway so might as well get some folding ones and carry one for if the tiogas die.