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other than thebiketree rides on wednesdays and saturdays are there any other organised rides around sheffield and the peaks?

finally got my new xc bike so will be riding it most of winter want to get into some serious riding and find the best trails but need to be shown them first

also I dont have any lights at the moment


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    Shame about the lack of lights as some of the best riding is a night over the winter - get some quick - check out the buying advice on lights for the best bargains

    Otherwise I'm SW Sheffield based and get out most days and know a good selection of stuff from both dark and white peak riding.

    There is a group of us who get out regularly for a tues night ride usually based around Bakewell / Stoney Middleton / Winn Hill for a feww hours then a beer afterwards

    Pm me for further details

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    worked in a bike shop for a while and found the knog strobe lights pretty powerful for the price so going to buy a set of them if i can find anywhere with them in stock as i have a good set of cateye lights at home in hull

    im a student in sheffield so live central sheffield, once i get some lights sorted out il be off and out with the bike tree and will drop you a pm sort some rides out