Upgrading FSA Gossamer Pro to.....

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Hi people,

Recently got the planet x sl part Sram Red build.
It came with a FSA gossamer Pro chainset with FSA megaexo bb.

I've been offered a FSA SLK Light crankset with Ceramic BB. In theory it's 250gm lighter and alot stiffer? and of course in carbon looks much cooler....

...... my question is, will I see a noticable difference between the performance, and what would you say that perceived difference would be worth (in money wise) on my new bike (compared with the original £1100 outlay. or should I look to put that monet elsewhere?

Cheers and thanks,



  • amaferanga
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    I don't think you'll notice any real performance benefit other than a small reduction in weight, but it will look much nicer. Not as nice as the SRAM Red chainset though. If it was me I'd probably save a few quid more and get the Red to match the rest of the groupset.
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  • dru
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    Red would require a different type of BB correct? ie, the FSA type mega exo are not compatible - correct?
  • Gazzaputt
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    You are correct in your assumption.
  • dru
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    actually - I made an error.

    The chainset I've been offered is the K-Force light Chainset which is under 600gm including ceramic BB.
  • softlad
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    you will notice a difference in the bike's 'dead weight' when you lift it - but I think you will struggle to notice any particular improvement on the road.

    Like others have said, my preference would be for a crankset that matches the rest of the groupset, although there is no compelling technical reason to do that, other than aesthetics. The K-Force is still a very good chainset, however - but don't expect any chainset to make a massive 'real world' difference to your riding......
  • tenor
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    Isn't it odd; 250 grams weight saving on a double chainset is not really worth having, but add 80 grams for an inner ring of a triple and there will be outrage...