Garmin Edge 705 speed problems

mask of sanity
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Been a 705 user for nearly a year now and have had very few problems with it (once I'd worked out how to use it). But over the last month or so I've had massive speed drops, sometimes with it registering as not moving at all. I have the cadence sensor attached and the alignment doesn't seem to be a problem as it works most of the time. I have also replaced the battery in hope that it would sort the issue out but it did not. Has anybody else had this problem or have any possible ways to solve it??

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  • redvee
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    You're using firmware 3.2 which has caused so many issues that Garmin have pulled it. You can roll the firmaware back to 3.1 by downloading it and renaming the new file to that of the current one on the Garmin. The only noticable thing you'll lose is the backlight memory in that you'll have to hit the power button 2/3 times each time you turn it on.
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  • Sweet, thanks for that. Have done that now. I couldn't find anyone else who had the same problem so figured it wasn't software related!