Wheelset quandry! Help please!

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I need some help please.

I currently have a Powertap that was on an Mavic Open pro rim and the rim is cracked. The front wheel of the set is also a Mavic Open Pro on a Chris King hub. I have a pair of DT 585 rims (used to be called 1.2) which I was intending on rebuilding both wheels using Sapim CX ray spokes but I'm not sure. (Sapim CXray spokes are also proving difficult for LBS to get but they say they can eventually)

At some point I want to perhaps do the Etape or the Marmotte and am worried that the DT rims will be too heavy for that type of thing.

I also have recently bought a pair of Durace 7850 CL wheels which I was intending on using for summer rides, UK sportives etc.

What are opinions on rims for the Powertap wheelset? Will the DT 585 rims be too heavy for euro sportives and what alternatives are there for 32 hole hubs?

The Powertap wheelset will be on the bike most of the time for training so something fairly robust and durable. For the absolute crappest of weather I just stick on a pair of Quest como wheels for something for the salt to eat! :?

Any help appreciated!

Jay :D


  • Chip \'oyler
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    Don't Powertaps weigh a bomb anyway? So the difference between certain rims isn't going to be an issue?

    Ambrosio rims are supposed to be very good - or look at the IRD Niobiums, the VSR are light but very strong. www.wheelsmith.co.uk stocks both and also builds with CX Rays so he might be able to build up your hubs if you post them onto him.
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  • Jungli
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    I had a chat wth Derek and I'm going to email him so he can give me a few options.

    Also, I just weighed compared the wheelset weights of my old Powertap set against the New 7850's and the DA's are more than 400grams lighter.

    Not having ridden that many different wheelsets, how much difference will that amount of weight make to sportives, climbs etc

    Any replies appreciated.

    :?: :? :?:
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    I'd just stick with the DT585s, they're nice rims and super solid, perfect for the kind of things you describe - I've just got a pair I'm building up for next season. Aero trumps weight for most of the riding you'll likely do in the UK. You own the Dura Aces too - just take those to the alps if you're concerned about the weight (and it's marginal anyway, if a couple of hundred grams is going to make the difference between getting up the alp or not, then you've got other things to worry about!!!).
  • I second huuregeil. Cyclists obsess about saving weight from the bike, but the simple fact is that one pound lost in body weight, is the equivalent of 1 tin of bake beans, or put another way, 415grammes. Forget marginally lighter wheels, shed a few pounds. Hold a tin of BB, then hold four, it is a huge weight saving. And then for cycling in the Alps, get as fit as you can. It will be your endurance and climbing ability in the alps that will get you to the top, coupled with being leaner.
  • Jungli
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    Thanks huuregeil and redballoon.

    I think I will wait for the CX Ray spokes and go with the original build on the DT rims. They will be heavy but as you say for training and the bulk of UK use they'll be good.


  • schweiz
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    I have a PT Pro+ built into a Mavic CXP33 rim with DT Aerolite spokes which I built last winter

    I've done loads of alpine passes this year and TBH I've barely noticed any difference from the Ksyrium Elites I've been on for the last few years. Light wheels come into play when you need to accelerate quickly, hardly something that I do often on a 10-15km long 7/8/9/10% climb!

    Yes, the overall dead weight that you have to lug up is increased but lose half a kilo of body fat if it's really and issue.