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hi all after some help was trying to find some info regarding front shocks i'm looking at getting a new bike but been out of mountian biking for a fair few years and i've noticed some things have changed a bit my bikes in the past have only ever had RST or MANITOU front folks and i liked them a lot. what are ROX SHOCKS and SUNTOUR SHOCKS like are they a tidy quality make or are they a cheap and nasty make? any help would be great thank you.


  • RST and Suntour are the cheap and nasty ones though I believe Suntour at least make some not-completely-worthless models. Rock Shox vary in quality from low cost to top notch world class racing products. They also have a number of well priced entry level products and mid range products.
  • Rockshox do have some good forks out, but also produce extremely cheap low quality ones, so you have to be careful with what you buy from them. I would personally avoid suntours like the plaque they are quite terrible normally.
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    Not all RST or Suntour forks are completetly crap. I've seen good reviews of the RST Gila & Suntour XCR on this very website and other places.
    It all depends on your budget as usual. Lots bikes up to about £600 seem to come with the XCR these days.