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I know there is a ton of info about, but searching for tyres is always hard, I'm just after some quick advice for some good winter tyres. I have a set of Vittoria Rubino Pros in the loft, but I'm not convinced they'll fit my tri bike perfectly as the wheels are so narrow. I run Michelin Pro 3s and love them, have done many many miles on them without trouble, but I obviously now want something a bit more grippy as I'm looking ahead to the ice/wet roads of the winter commute. Or...should I just get a new set of Pro 3s?


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    I run gators year round on my commuter due to increased puncture protection...
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  • I've been very fortunate with my Pro 3s, I've done over 1500 miles on these, and literally this morning had my first puncture. Of course I should have replaced them a long time ago, but still..
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    The new Ultremo DD should be a good option for a more 'winter resistant' quality race tyre, Pro 3 Grip may also work (certainly claims the grip but is it any more puncture resistant?).

    I'd normally recommend Vittoria Pave's but on a Tri bike I'd probably go for the Pro 3 Grip.
  • I'm running the DD's for the winter
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