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I'm planing to buy a COLNAGO CLX 2.0. According to the fitting I'm size 51 or 52. at the shop, they advise me to buy a size 50s because the colnagos run big, I compare the clx 2.0 size 50s and it has similar geometry to trek madona 52 and 54, pinarello f2 and f3 51.5 and cervelo s1 51.
What I shold do ? it is thrut that colnagos run bigger ?
Thanks for you good advise


  • Ypsi
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    As I understand it (and I have one of these babies), the CLX 2.0 50 frame size broadly equates to a 'normal' 54 frame. I wouldn't be able to define 'normal' for you though. Take a look at the frame geometry on the website - 54 seattube and 54 top tube in the size 50. Then compare and contrast...

    But it is a lovely bike. And made yesterday's Blenheim sportif (100 miles of slog through wind and rain) nothing but an utter joy.
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    I'm 5'7" and have a size 52 CLX and it suits me perfectly. I say suits because I think fit is a very personal thing and means different things to different people, sizing also varies from brand to brand. I have two other bikes, one is a 53 and the other is a 46, they both "suit" me fine.
    I have over 9000 miles on the three bikes and find them comfortable and have not suffered any aches or pains.
    If I were you I would try to get a test ride but in answer to your original question I wouldn't say the CLX comes up big, if anything quite the reverse!