Marin Toscana - which mudguards?

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Hi all

Straightforward really, has anyone sucessfully fitted a set of mudguards to their Toscana? Wife's fed up with the muddy stripe up my back after any wet commute ...



  • sungod
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    what tyres have you got on it?

    if they're skinny ones crud roadracers fit ok on a toscana

    if you've got the original/similar tyres the roadracers will be too narrow, but there's bags of room for bigger mudguards
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  • I'm currently running 32mm Conti Gatorskins, but will go for the 35mm version next time. The 32's feel and look very small (I've not measured them), and don't absorb many of the bumps.

    Thanks for the advice, but will the Crud Roadracers fit over the disc brakes?

  • sungod
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    the crud roadracer does fit on a toscana, but it takes a bit of experimentation to find the right position for the rear mounts because of the brake mounting

    but it is NOT the right choice for 32mm tyres

    you'll need something much wider, maybe one of the sks or zefal models, they have many different styles/fittings, best bet will be to try the local bike shop, then you can compare the fittings to see what will work best

    if it's just the stripe up the back you want to avoid, then you can get guards that clamp to the seat tube, this sort of thing... ... 360044498/
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