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New pedals and winter tyres

HavanaBlaugranaHavanaBlaugrana Posts: 19
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I'm a recent convert to road bikes and bought a Cannondale 6 SE 3 months ago.

I wondered if anyone could give me some advice on 2 points, the first is which pedals to use, I have some Shimano SPD M324pedals which I was given when I bought the bike and would like something which is both lighter, allows for some float and doesnt have a platform on one side. I would prefer MTB as I need to be able to walk in the shoes......
Time atac have been suggested but dont want to spend too much though

I have read the threads on winter tyres and have been recommended Continental Gator Skins or Continental Grand Prix Four Season. Any views on these specifically? Very little of my riding is on country lanes.

Thanks in advance for your tips.



  • ValyValy Posts: 1,321
    The Shimano M520s are a good set not sure if they fit the "lighter" bit too much, but they are cheap and should last for a good while.

    As for the tires, the Four Season look good, though personally I would prefer to feel the tie before as the Travel Contact does have a pretty hard compound - I know not the same tire, but just to see as this is a in the puncture resistant category as well.
  • lfcquinlfcquin Posts: 470
    I agree with Valy on the pedals. I have been using those pedals for years on my winter bike with no trouble except some creaking when I don't oil them regularly. I still have the first pair I bought almost 10 years ago working on one of my bikes.

    As for tyres then the Conti 4 Season Gatorskin is an excellent tyre. Conti Gatorskins have been great in the past for me as winter tyres, with very few punctures over 1000's of miles. I just find them a tad expensive.

    I have recently bought some Specialized All Condition Armadillo's for this winter. My initial thoughts are that they are an excellent grippy tyre in both the wet and the dry. Although I haven't weighed them there doesn't "seem" to be much weight difference with the Conti's and the rolling resitance is perfectly fine ( I used them on our club chaingang last week and didn't feel slow). They only thing I don;t know about the Specialized tyres yet is puncture resitance. The guys at Cyclestore (where I bought them) were raving about them, so we will see. Best thing in my view was they were only £20 each instead of £40.

    We will see if being a tightar$$e will cost me.... :wink:
  • Thanks for the tips - went for the 520s - they have worked out well.
  • ValyValy Posts: 1,321
    What tires did you get?
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