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Octalink compatibility

langtounboylangtounboy Posts: 48
edited October 2010 in The workshop
I finally had to change the drive train on my Giant FCR2. It was a square taper BB but with the lack of choice around I knew I'd have to change.
I bought ebay and with CRC selling a BB for only £5 :P

Now that I've got these the splines on the crank are slightly too large to engage in the BB :x
Have I bought a dud on ebay or is the BB Mountain bike specific and I have to get :x
Summer Commuter Single Speed 90 gear"
Winter Commuter Badboy Lefty Single Speed
Hack Lefty with slicks
Dirty Lefty Taurine
Giant FCR2 not compact anymore + mods. STOLEN.


  • UchigaUchiga Posts: 230
    Note that chain reaction says:

    Splined bottom bracket for use with Shimano Octalink chainsets.

    V2 MTB compatible
    Oversize BB spindle - large 22mm diameter hollow cold forged chrome-moly pipe billet spindle reduces weight, increases strength and rigidity
    • Octalink splined axle/crank arm interface - results in more rigid crank assembly compared to square tapered spindle
    • Sealed cartridge assembly with oversize ball bearings - maintenance-free high efficiency rubber seals keep out dirt, mud, and water
    • Cartridge design allows easy installation without adjustment
    • Shell Width - 68mm or 73mm
    • Spindle Length - 118mm or 126mm

    Which means you probably went and bought the wrong bottom bracket, and yes you will have to buy the other bottom bracket you linked.
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