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Viking Challenge 2010

angrymeerkatangrymeerkat Posts: 134
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Anyone doing - well, done, since it's 00:15 and nobody else in their right mind would still be up on bikeradar at this time - the Viking Challenge this year?

Got a temporary MTB sorted - various bits from a bargain bin (GT Halfords special) replacement, and the salvage from my stolen returned bike. So if you see/saw/passed a ghetto silverblack Merida with Mud Xs on, that'd be me. My first time doing this ride, but I'm expecting a mud-bath.

Only doing 30k because I've not trained offroad. At all. For months. I think I'm turning into a roadie...


  • i didnt do it coz just got back from racing in oz but missus did it and caned the 30k field she said it was so much fun in the wet ,course ace but no climbing whatsoever.
  • My hubby and I did the 50k and loved it but the course was really slippery after all the racing snakes had been through :? . Looking forward to doing it next year.
    Anyone doing the Dark & White at Sherwood Pines?
  • rakerake Posts: 3,281
    was all ready to do it but went for a look yesterday and the hedge was freshly cut on the canal and i got a puncture 50 yards down. slashing down when i got up so very regretably put it off this year. was bone dry last year. i wish theyd move it forward a month. can do mud but just couldnt see the fun today and the old bike needs a complete rebuild after that weather. out of interest do people still use cleats when its that slippery. i filed my old ones down for easy release. got to wait another damn year now and its odds on itl be wet again.
  • Thanks mods, moving from the wrong forum. Just followed the thread from last year :oops:

    Finished the 30k, bloody nightmare. Just under 4 hours! Had a technical at 6.30am - knackered the thread on a crankarm swapping to spds, luckily I had a [much heavier] spare knocking about.

    1/4 mile down the freshly ploughed field I ended up in the ditch. Had trouble even walking!

    The rest was, well, painful - though I only got off and walked up the last nasty muddy bit about 4 miles from the end. Quite annoyed today though after finding a 1" spike in the sidewall of a now 1-race old tyre. Expensive hobby.

    For reference, a GPS of the route is here.

    Rake - the spds were okay, just had trouble engaging a couple of times thanks to the thick clay clogging them up. Bike needs a quick rebuild now as I'm off to Snowdon this week!

    What's this dark & white? Considering doing the Evans ride, though...
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