Which bottom bracket???

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Age 40...new to road bikes...ride a Bianchi Via Nirone 7.
Wanted to teach myself about maintenance so I thought I'd build a bike from scratch(probably NOT a good idea). Just took delivery of an ex-display Pro-Lite Espresso frame with carbon forks yesterday (well chuffed)...which I intend to spray.
This shows how much of a beginner I am.........does anybody know what type of bottom bracket it takes,inboard or outboard....can either be used??? Not a good start is it?
Be grateful for any help for a newbie!!!!!!!!
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  • softlad
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    the espresso is a time trial frame.....probably not a good basis for a road bike build. Unless you actually want a time trial bike..?

    either way, the thread size is the same for both internal and external BB...
  • Cheers for your help "Sortlad"...
    another question...
    I just fir the wheels from my Bianchi on to my new "Espresso" frame just to check the size,and I noticed that there wasn't much room in the rear dropout...in fact; half the wheel spindle was on show. Is this normal,and is there anything I can do about it??
    Make mine an Italian...with Campagnolo on the side!!
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    Make sure the BB is English threaded.