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raleigh avanti team race carbon ???

stronginthesunstronginthesun Posts: 433
edited October 2010 in Road beginners
rutland cycling selling these off for £2199 . reduced from £3500 . full dura ace 6.9 kilo . that has to be some bargain . would anyone buy one ???


  • i would iv rode one they are truly amazing id buy one if i had the chance mate!
    best bike: raleigh avanti U6 carbon comp
    10m tt pb:23:42.
    25m tt pb: 1h 2min( only done 2)
  • If this bike didn't have the name 'Raliegh' on the front you would be killed in the rush to buy one. IMO it would have been better for the company to have changed their name. After all, there cannot be much of the original company remaining - if anything at all. I suppose that they wanted to carry on with a 'good old' British name, but it's the kiss of death to most road enthusiasts.

    I have to say now that I've still got - and ride occasionally - a 21 year old Raleigh 531. It's done 60,000 + and still looks great, but retro. I love it, but my main bike is a Cannondale Carbon Synapse, and - well I don't have to say any more, do I?.

    The bike that you are interested in buying looks excellent, and probably rides as good as many a bike around the £2k+ mark. As long as it fits you and you feel comfortable on it, I'm sure that it will be a good buy.

    Like many previous posts regarding bike purchase, my advice to you is to get your bum on loads of different machines. You'll know which one is for you.
  • I love my raleigh!
    Wouldn't swap it for anything else in the price range.

    mine isn't quite the spec of the team carbon though as I only had a 600 quid budget, so managed to pick up the avanti u6, reduced from a grand.
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