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Cross/XC races in West London in the early '90s

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I've been racking my brain trying to remember the first race I ever entered. I'm sure it was near Ealing, or possibly in the borough of Ealing. I'm not sure whether it was a 'cross race which allowed MTBs or visa versa, or even 2 separate races but I knew some cross racers were there and I was on MTB as a junior.

All I remember of the course was that it started on a long flat straight diagonal line across a park and there was a steep bank which was descended followed with a tight left at the bottom then another left to ascend shortly after. It must have been around 1991/2 I think.

Anybody help me pad out the details in my cobwebbed brain?


  • The Valhalla series in Elthorne Park organised by Viking Wheelers ??? I seem to remember they ran these in 94 and 95, maybe three per season. I definitely cleaned my mountain bike in the shower for the first and last time after one of them.
  • SurfrSurfr Posts: 243
    Elthorne Park eh? Hmm you could be onto something there ta Mr Bennet :)
  • Ok just to add to this... I used to race there on an mtb back in the day. And found a certificate at the bottom of a box with me as 2nd Juvenile back in September 1990. So the series ran for some time and was a great way to spend an hour plus a lap on a Saturday morning. Good times racing in the early 90's and still riding now.
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