Wheels; clincher or tubs?

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looking to up-grade wheels for potential race and endurance cycling. What are the relative pros and cons for these wheel types?


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    various threads on this subject on this site. Just have a look thro' It's up there with which groupset?
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    I think the general concencuss is that if you need to ask, then clinchers 8)
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    If you're comfortable carrying a spare tyre and changing a tub at the side of the road (for your endurance cycling), then tubs are the way to go for lighter and faster wheels (generally). Or if you're just going to use the wheels for races.

    Otherwise, stick with clinchers for ease of use.
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    danowat wrote:
    I think the general concencuss is that if you need to ask, then clinchers 8)

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    Clinchers unless you're minted.
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    cougie wrote:
    Clinchers unless you're minted.

    I agree with the others that if you are unsure then clinchers.
    But I would say this response is a bit alarmist to say the least.

    I have had a whole season of crits and TT's on my tubs with no sign of them wearing out and only one puncture. This was easily and cheaply fixed by myself for just the price of some new tub tape and some dentalfloss(to resow it back up) so roughly the same as a new quality tube.

    The tubs worked out at £45 for 3 new Conti Giros so don't rule out tubs on the grounds of cost
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    Not this old chestnut! :roll: :roll:
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    I use tubs as my everyday choice. I don't race. I'm not in a club. Since switching over I haven't paid any more than I would budget per year for clinchers. They feel better and are really easy to put on. Try them, you may never go back.
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