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Hi there. Sorry if these are a bit obvious, but I was hoping someone could tell me:

- the best way to fill knicks in the lacquer on a carbon frame
- the best way to get greasy stains off cycling jerseys

Any advice much appreciated. Thks!
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  • bluechair84
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    greasy stains off cycling jerseys?

    The best way of getting grease out is with fairy liquid and sugar - the sugar acts as a erm... exfoliant. Great for your hands after you've been mucking about with an open cartridge bearing.
    For clothes, try rubbing in bicarb of soda first and get it nice and deep into the material, then soak it white vinegar. I haven't done this in ages but I think there's a good reaction between the two :) Then finish in the washer.
    Or just sprinkle some of your detergent onto the stain and rub it in, then add it to your wash as usual. I've never really had a problem getting grease off of clothes with either of these.
  • CraigXXL
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    Apply the laquer with a small brush from an artist shop or pin for very small scratches. You can spray some laquer into the can lid to have it as a liquid form. Small amounts building up the layers is better than large blobs that will look a mess.