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new chain

mackomacko Posts: 3
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hello, I have got my self a nice new bike and love the fact the chain is shiny and clean, how long can i leave it like that before i have to apply oil or chain lub ? is it a case of as long as it's clean from dirt i do not need to oil it ? or is that wishful thinking.

Thanks in advance.


  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,779
    you can leave a new chain alone for quite a while

    how long depends how many miles you do, and the weather

    i do 150-200 miles/week, and swap chains every month or so, dirty one off, clean one on, easy if you use a chain with a reusable removable link (from kmc etc.)

    if you aren't doing a lot of miles you don't need to lube for ages, you can wipe the chain clean-ish with a cloth (don't use paper tissue, it'll shred), put *little* lube on, spin the cranks, leave a while to sink in, wipe off excess, wipe off the crud on the chainrings, cassette and jockey wheels too

    if you do a lot in the wet/dirty conditions, clean/lube more often

    a 'dry' lube will pick up less dirt, but needs applying more often

    check the chain for wear every month or so, change it before it wears too far, otherwise it'll knacker the cassette, more on this here...
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  • mackomacko Posts: 3
    Thanks for that info, i am lucky and live where it is mainly dry and it's a road bike so it stay's quite clean.I clock up about 200 plus a week. Thanks again great advice esp on changing the chain often never knew that....
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,779
    btw when i swap the dirty chain for clean one, the dirty one gets a goot clean/wash, dry in a warm oven, the a bit of lube whle warm, then i just leave it in a plastic chain box until it's time to swap again

    the kmc 'missing links' make it easy, just always use a new link with a new chain

    there are sram links, but for 10-speed they're non-reusable, after removing sram warn not to refit, instead use a new one

    if you buy a kmc chain it'll be supplied with the link, or you can but the links on their own, they're shimano/sram compatible, there's also one for campag i think
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
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