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Classes for Bontrager wheels

brucebannerbrucebanner Posts: 256
edited September 2010 in Road buying advice
can someone please explain to me the different classes of bontrager wheels.

how does bontrager compare to, say, Mavic and Zipp?

On the following bikes how would one rank the the wheelsets

- Trek Madone 5.5 Compact 2011
- Trek Madone 6.2 Compact 2011
- Trek Madone 6.5 Compact 2011


  • Hi Bruce,

    The bontrager wheels are not the best, I was also looking to get a 2011 Trek, but after checking out the latest lower spec over the new increased prices on this seasons models I went for an argon build.

    All the wheels speced on these 3 models would require or should have an upgrade soon, to spend all that money on these bikes for those wheels is IMO a let down from the manufacturuer, the 5.5 and the 6.2 have bontrager race, defo need an upgrade but will do for this time of year, same would go for the race x lites although these are slightly better.

    A good set of lighter wheels will make a huge amount of difference to the ride of any bike, Mavic make some great wheels, not the lightest but very strong stiff and reliable, another good choice would be a set of Shimano Dura ace carbon clinchers, light strong and roll beutifully, as for the zipp wheels, yes yes yes if you can afford them they will take some beating.

    Allow around £500 + for a good set of wheels, if the LBS will upspec at time of sale then this will work out cheaper.


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