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Which Carradice Saddle Bag?

antlaffantlaff Posts: 695
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Hi can somebody guide me to the right bag?

Currently using a rucksack, but getting peeved at the sweating involved. Have been looking at the Carradice Saddle range.
What size do i need for a daily commute - shirt, undercrackers, socks, bit of lunch & trousers (once a week) etc. Would the Barley suffice or do i need to go bigger - i know i have the measurements but its hard to visualize !! wish the ads would show an item in the picture that you can see, say a coke bottle.

help appreciated



  • I have a Pendle which is a few litres bigger than the Barley and it's plenty big enough for all you mention and the bits and bobs the misses makes me shop for at lunch!

    The Barley will be fine for the bits you mention, you just have to be clever with folding if you expect to look half decent at the other end!

    The weight over the back end was odd at first, as was not having a sweaty back but I love mine, especially the old school look of them!
  • antlaffantlaff Posts: 695
    thanks for the reply natcot - the pendle it is then - sjs seem the cheapest with stock - do you use a bracket to secure or attach to your seat?
  • I had the SQR slim but sold it to buy a camper longflap with a Bagman expedition. The SQR slim was a great bag but I wasn't too happy with all that weight on my carbon seatpost.
    The Camper is a fantastic bag for my daily commute. I usually carry a waterproof jacket, jeans, shirt, multitool, spare batteries, puncture repair kit, spare inner tube, tie wraps, overshoes, hat, lunch, undies (in case of a smidsy on the way in).
    Everything goes in with a bit of room to spare. The larger bag makes my bike far more versitile with hardly any downsides. My advice is to get the biggest bag you can.
  • antlaffantlaff Posts: 695
    Thanks nightoff - the camper seems quite big from the measurements - do u use a support ?
  • stuaffstuaff Posts: 1,735
    antlaff wrote:
    Thanks nightoff - the camper seems quite big from the measurements - do u use a support ?
    The Bagman is the name Carradice give to their support/mounting bracket. Might have gone for a similar setup myself, but got an SQR Slim in the end (alu seatposts!).
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  • antlaff wrote:
    Thanks nightoff - the camper seems quite big from the measurements - do u use a support ?

    I use a bagman expedition which has a quick release mechanism so I can take the bag off with minimum fuss.
    TBH, the camper was smaller than I expected when it was on the bike. It holds about as much as a medium daysack.
    I would struggle with anything smaller.
  • tomb353tomb353 Posts: 196
    I use a cadet, which at a push will take a laptop, or will take a full suit rolled up if it has too, normally just tools shirt and pants.

    What I did was to cut a section of corregated plastic (estate agent board) to fit back/bottom/front (i.e. U shape) inside, and then dispensed with the wooden batton at the top, the saddle straps go through slits in the plastic. This means that the bag keeps its shape and I don't need a seatpost support.
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  • gbsahne001gbsahne001 Posts: 1,961
    I use the Nelson with the expedition support and it fits most things that I want, it doesn't quite do the weekly fruit order and other bits though but I also have a handlebar bag, so it just about goes into that.

    It's so nice not to be using a backpack though, the only downside to date has been where to put the rear light, as the seat post is no longer available and the strap on the bag bounces the light all over the place.
  • carlstonecarlstone Posts: 602
    sqr tour for me. You can put it on and release it in seconds. I asked carradice about carbon posts in the past and they said there would be no problem, If it was me I would however put some insulation tape around the post first though to stop scratching.

  • I second Carlston. The SQR system is fantastic for commuting, very secure and you can detach the bag in seconds. I would go for the Tour bag too and there will be more than enough room inside and the side pockets are usefull for seperating kit. I have had one for 3 years. Nothing inside ever gets wet and the bag will last a life time. I also use mine for light touring/audax with the same bracket fitted to the other machine. Forget get rucksace, they get in the way and you get a sweaty back.
  • redballoon wrote:
    The SQR system is fantastic for commuting, very secure and you can detach the bag in seconds.

    How convenient is carrying the bag when you're off the bike?
  • antlaffantlaff Posts: 695
    On the recommendations was going to buy the SQR Tour from Wiggle last night for £57. left it until this morning and they are now discontinued on wiggle!!! anybody know were i can get one for similar price? best i have seen if £64?
  • You could try putting a wanted on CTC web site. There was one being sold some time ago but I am sure it was snapped up, but it would still be worth a try. Also you could phone Carradice direct. Sometimes they have seconds that they will sell. A friend bought a saddle bag once and there was hardly anything wrong with it. Carradice are very helpful on the phone and they tell you what the fault is - it is usually cosmetic - and then you just send a check. The bags do sell out quickly though and I think carradice can't always meet demand. You could also try any local bikes shops. I bought my partner one from a local 'old school' cycling shop, and I got it for £45 including the bracket. It was covered in dust etc.
  • Godders1Godders1 Posts: 750
    Assuming the rucksack you've been using is more or less the right capacity then why not just get the nearest sized Carradice bag?

    I took delivery of a Super C saddlebag this morning. It reeks of quality! :D
  • I have a pendle and it suffuces for most trips. It'll take a full change of clothes, a waterproof and your tools/spare tubes. I have the quick release support form caradice and it all works really well. Sometimes I could do woth something bigger, but I like the discipline of only having that size of bag; it means you never pack too much weight! I managed to do LEJOG unsupported with it, so it's hardly tiny.
  • antlaffantlaff Posts: 695
    i got the Carradice Low Saddle Long Flap with SQR fitting at the weekend - really impressed with the quality/build. Love not having a rucksack - the difference on the airflow around my body reducing the sweat factor is immense.

    the only issue is the very un-professional extra swing of my leg over the bag!! try and wait to there isn't a big audience outside work!!
  • Congrats on your purchase.

    Hope you don't split your chamois on the high kick.
  • GadgeGadge Posts: 135
    Glad you got sorted.

    Just in case anyone else ever reads this...I use a Nelson longflap occasionally.

    It's a nicely made bag but do not underestimate just how flappy and time consuming all those stiff leather buckles are. I commute with an Ortleib roll pannier and would not change to use the NLF saddle bag for that reason alone. In fact, given the choice again, I would choose a diffferent bag, maybe a super c with its snap fit plastic buckles.

    I would also struggle to fit all required in NLF for commuting which in my case combines the odd visit to allotment/shopping on way home but NLF is perfect size for a day off road on the MTB.

    I'm a man of simple needs. Expensive but still simple.
  • yeah, I gave up on my longflap too nice but fiddly and faffy, esp on a cold winter morning with sausage fingers.

    I had my sqr block and seatpost nicked (gutted) I'm considering a big bag on the saddle/post again as I'm not putting a rack on my winter cx hacker it will likely be another SQR system.
  • Godders1Godders1 Posts: 750
    Yeah that's why I went for the Super C. The oldschool buckles look nice and everything but a bit too much of a faff.
  • joelsimjoelsim Posts: 7,552
    I were right about that saddle.

    Just put it on and compared to my old one it's like sitting on a paving slab. Tomorrow I shall go for a short ride.
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