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Hello Everyone

This is my first post on Bike Radar Forum. I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself (I wasn't sure where to do so).

I live with my wife and two kids and they're at an age now where we can start taking family biking holidays, camping etc. Also I want to start getting into cycling again myself more seriously to keep fit.

So I'll no doubt be back on here soon for some advice for us all - my 1980s racer is looking a little sorry for itself, and we'll all be needing some new wheels very shortly I think. Plus, I'm already getting a little 'sore'!

Thanks for reading.

(Out of shape future cycling champion - honest)


  • Welcome - lots of returnees here.

    Careful not to overdo the return though. Ease back into the sport gently at first. Fire the children's enthusiasm carefully. Let them dictate the pace, frequency, scope of the cycling.
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  • Many thanks for your welcome and initial advice EX-PAT SCOT - I fully agree - and am more than happy for them to dictate everything. It's amazing how unfit you get (without knowing it) sitting in an office for fifteen years!

    Gently, gently...
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    Hi FBN, welcome to the forum.

    In my experience there is only one important rule for family cycling - have fun! If the kids are smiling then you are doing it right, however old/knackered you are.