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Crud Roadracer MkII & Boardman Team Carbon

SevenfoldSevenfold Posts: 86
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Anybody managed to fit these to a Team Carbon without rub from the front brake area? Tried mine yesterday even with the cable tie done up a tight as possible, the guard still rubs badly. Wanted them fitted for 'The Rut' on Sunday as the weather is supposed to be pretty cr*p all day - typical for my first sportive :roll:


  • gocogoco Posts: 35
    Where exactly is it rubbing? Had this problem on my Spesh Secteur, the rubbing was coming from the section right under the caliper. So i just cut that bit of, which means the guard now ends just forward of the cable tie.

    Strange that they seem to have designed it with the thickest part of the guard being directly under the caliper, which is where you have the least clearance.

    Also, I found that doing the cable tie up too tight actually made the rubbing worse - do it up so the guard is snug under the caliper, but not any tighter. Strange but true.
  • It is rubbing forward of the calliper - I do not particularly want to cut off the front section as I will then be unable to return it to the supplier...I haven't tried the rear yet. Will try with the cable tie looser & see how it goes. Many thanks.
  • Have you had any joy with the Cruds? I'm looking to get some for my Ltd Ed Team Carbon but would like to know how you got on before shelling out the dosh!
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    The front cable tie should be done up loosely! If tight it mis-shapes the guard causing rubbing.
  • father_jackfather_jack Posts: 3,509
    I tried clip ons (granted not crud catchers) did not work.

    So bought another bike. Perhaps if I lived in hot climate guards aren't required but in UK?
    Say... That's a nice bike..
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  • ColinJColinJ Posts: 2,218
    I tried clip ons (granted not crud catchers) did not work.

    So bought another bike. Perhaps if I lived in hot climate guards aren't required but in UK?
    A Crud Catcher is a different thing - it mounts on the downtube of a mountain bike and is designed to stop the crud getting thrown in your face (it doesn't do much for the bike or your feet though).

    A Crud Raceguard is for the back of a mountain bike.

    I have one of each on my mountain bike and they do a useful job in gloopy conditions.

    Crud Roadracers are what you want for your road bike and make sure you buy the new improved Mk2 version (some shops are still clearing stock of the Mk1).

    NapD beat me to it - the cable ties should be as loose as you can get away with, not as tight as possible. Mister Crud also suggests that if you are still struggling to quieten a guard, try releasing the tie and inserting it the other way round. That sometimes works.

    Mister Crud's hints & tips video
  • I played around with the crud roadracers for a few days on my team carbon but I just could not get then to fit properly. I did manage to make them clear the wheel, just, but they fouled every piece of dirt from the tyre.

    I sold them on in the end.

    Mine were the mark 1's.

    Hope manage to make the mark 2's work!
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