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Cycle superhighway 7

cjcpcjcp Posts: 13,345
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I think it's CS7 - it's the one which goes through Clapham.

Anyway, was riding this route last night and as I approached Clapham High St (from the north), cars just queued for the lights over the blue paint, so CS7 was no more and you had to very carefully filter between the cars and the pavement.

Is this like a bus lane and cars can use it after, say , 7pm? Doesn't seem much of a "superhighway" to me. (I might be a bit late to the party on this discussion. Apologies, but we don't have one of the blue routes going SW.)
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  • CafewandaCafewanda Posts: 2,788
    CJ, they just being aris-holes. Very generally speaking, vehicles tend to 'behave' themselves during the rush hour, outside of that you take your chances on that stretch.
  • rjsterryrjsterry Posts: 18,279
    Clapham High Street is always horrible, sometimes really horrible, and is one of the reasons why I have started diverting onto the Embankment, even though CS7 is pretty much my most direct route. They have at least resurfaced it, so it is a bit less like off-roading.
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