6 Days of Ghent

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I'm not sure this is in the right section but I've arranged for myself and three mates to go to see this on the Saturday. We plan to get there on Friday afternoon and leave Sunday afternoon. We plan to cyle to Bruges and back on Sat but can anyone recommend anything else cycling related?


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    The traditional thing to do is recover from the hangover of the night before at the track, drinking beer and eating the available Belgian delicacies.

    You could take a trip up the Deinze road to Godefroot's bike shop (ignoring of course all the young ladies in the windows along that road).
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    If you're going to a bike shop give the Godefroot shop a miss and head to Van Eyck in Aalst, the biggest bike shop I've ever seen with a huge range of kit.

    I wouldn't bother with a trip to Bruges, Ghent has everything Bruges can offer and more, i.e. canals, old buildings, impressive squares, superb churches. If you're going to do a bike ride head south towards Oudenaarde and the Flemish Ardennes, the ridge of hills that defines the Tour of Flanders.
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    I'll be there too (again). As andyp says, head towards Oudenaarde. There's a museum dedicated to the Tour of Flanders (http://rvv.be/en/museum), and some routes based upon it, some of which I think are permanently marked:


    Might do one of these while I'm there (probably Orange).
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    The UCI World Cup cyclocross at Koksijde (on the coast just over the border from France) is good for a visit on the Saturday afternoon (27 Nov). Probably about an hour's drive from Gent.