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My back is a little sore.I wonder would a RS be the answer.I have a focus cayo a nice bike but a very short head tube.Combine this with room for only 3 spacers and I am quite low down.

I can always flip the stem,it doesn't look the best but it does the job I suppose.If I do a lot of cycling my back seems to adapt eventually.This is not the way it should be surely,shouldn't cycling be pleasant 85% of the time?

Would the cervelo rs be a answer,higher head tube just as fast if not much faster and lighter than the cayo frame.Yes the rs frame is very expensive,I am almost 43 and my ageing body could use a brake.Also you only live once and a bit more comfort would be a real bonus.What do you guys think


  • Ok I am not getting the replies I thought I might.So here goes does anyone have a cervelo Rs,whats it like is it very comfortable is it the bee's knee's like I have read.

    Thank you
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    I find my RS super, super comfortable, and it's not just the relaxed position it really does eat up bumps and lumps without noticing. Speed of bike is heavily dependant on aerodynamics, and you're always likely to sacrifice that by being more upright.
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  • I've ridden a Cervelo RS and thought it was a great bike - fast and comfortable but with a higher front end. Cayo's are good bikes too - but are probably a stiffer ride with a lower front end - I suggest that you test ride a RS if you can - but I imagine you'd notice quite a difference between one and your Cayo.

    Good luck.
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    Sounds like the geometry might be better suited to you (plenty of cheaper longer head tube bikes out there though...). Personally I'd get a decent bike fit session (which should factor in the amount and type of riding you do as well as your flexibility) and go from there. There's always things like working on your core strength that could help with your current position but it's something that does need doing regularly to get the benefits (I can't be arsed personally...).
  • If you have a desk job and don't do any other sports then try stretching and doing some core strength work in the gym before you shell out for a new frame.

    It might just be a case of getting your upper body fitter to be more comfortable.
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    i have an RS, fkin superb! i would buy another 2moz.
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    Been on my RS since january and love it. Run mine with no spacers as head tube long enough.

    A lot of people say its a sit up and beg bike which is rubbish mate......test ride one. It is more relaxed but that means its really comfy and it is still sfiff and really good climber and sprinter.

    I have done about eight 100 mile sportives this year and bike just perfect.

    Going to race it next year.................good thing is as its just a frame you can build it however you like!
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