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Can't work out the connecting link for Shimano 8-speed chain

flyingbananaflyingbanana Posts: 57
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Dear Jim,

Despite consulting Zinn, I shall have to admit defeat with the connecting link on my Shimano HG-40 8 speed chain and open this one to the panel

Here's a picture (2nd link from left);

The problem is that the connecting link" seems to be a solid link on the other side, so there's nothing there to slide. The techdocs supplied by Shimano are useless as they do not reference the "easy to use" connecting link. I remember having a bloody nightmare when I was installing the chain, but can't remember how I got it sorted that time.

Now it's time to take the chain off to deep clean the derailleur and I can't get the chain off.

Please, please, please can you fix it for me to work out this bloody link.


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  • schweizschweiz Posts: 1,644
    I'll probably be corrected but I think that type of quick link is single use. It's not designed to be pulled apart like the normal sliding link a la KMC Quick Link
  • I think you're right. I managed to get it out by applying probably too much lateral force on the chain, the link needed re-straightened with the pliers to get it seated properly on the way back in.
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  • andrew_sandrew_s Posts: 2,511
    Shimano don't use connecting links like SRAM, KMC or Wipperman/Connex - they use special black replacement pins with snap off ends. You drive a pin right out (any pin except a black one), and reassemble using a new black pin.

    Most people just buy a KMC or SRAM quick link and use that instead.

    8-speed can also be rejoined by driving the pin back in in the traditional manner, provided that you are careful.
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Joined my 8 speed shimano chain PC870 with an Sram quick link, very easy have to say.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    I use the KMC links on my 10 speed Shimano chains.

    Never seen anything like that one, but had something similar on a cheapo 7 speed chain I bought from Halfords for one of the kids' bikes. (Taya chain??)

    You have to bend the chain laterally so the pins on the fixed part of the joining link move closer together on the inside of the bend before you can fit / remove the joining plate.

    I've rejoined it a couple of times and it seems secure, but I don't know if it's meant to be reused.

    Easy to overdo it and kink the chain though!
  • edjoedjo Posts: 50
    use a silver SRAM quick link - designed to be opened and closed and works no problem with Shimano chains.
  • thanks chaps, I'll get some of the SRAM links. There's diagrams for those in Zinn so that helps too :)
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  • neil1960neil1960 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem. I haven't tried it yet but apparantly you need to bend the chain until the holes line up, push it on then release for it to clip into place.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    I've got some gold KMC links to use with my 9 and 10 speed Shimano chains. Makes spotting the link a lot easier.
  • SemantikSemantik Posts: 537
    You don't need to use or keep the quick link. Throw it away. You can join the chain using any of the rivets already on the chain. 8 speed chain same as the old 7,6,5 speeds in that way.
    Seems people are terrified these days of chains which don't come with a quick link.
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