Night biking around Lincoln!! anybody up for it?

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Just wondering if there are any local riders who go night biking in the lincoln area. I found some pretty good stuff around waddington which would be good at night. I reckon sherwood pines would be wicked at night. Been living in lincoln for a few months now and haven't met any mtb's yet would like to find some local trails for night rides or weekend rides!!


  • If your interested in night riding Rutland Cycling organise a monthly ride around Rutland Water and even throw in pizza afterwards for free check out their website rutlandcycling
  • MJR31
    MJR31 Posts: 9 Night rides every week on a wednesday and friday. Usually around the 20 mile mark. good routes in and out of pines, anything upto about 18 riders, including a few from Lincoln. Get yourself down, it's great. Also rides on sat / sun.
  • cheers for the replys lads! i will have a look at the sherwood pines club!!!
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    Aye I'm in Lincoln - though moving to Newark this next week. Arrow Cycles arrange trips further afield if you want to get involved with them, I'll certainly be looking into the above links for night riders too
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    Ey up im in lincoln, waddo to be precise im up for some local night rides!! What you found in the waddo area?? after 8 years here ive found fuff all!!
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    I'm Lincoln too, so if you fancy any riding (night or day) hit me a PM. I mostly ride on my own so a bit of company would always be good. As for trails, there isn't a great deal of top notch stuff, but miles and miles of XC bridleways and footpaths.
  • aaronmroach
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    Im after a jump area in lincoln you know of one?? Ive even had to buy a road bike to get some miles in!!
  • Rokin
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    Now then.

    I ride sub/urban assaults on week nights around Lincoln, steep technical sluices, bombholes, mainly stairs, etc. Happy to show the highlights to anyone up for riding.

    + I ride most weekends at wharncliffe woods or in the dark peak, again happy to act as a tour guide to competent riders. I'm not into dreary xc, but I don't ride a tripple crown big rig; I prefer to link downhill runs with technical single track, and where possible cycle to the top.

    If you are like minded, get in contact.

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    Sounds good I ride Wharnecliffe at least every other week (got a mate who lives in High Green), and the peaks as much as I can sounds like a hoot to get out more!!! Not an urban fox really prefer open fields and fresh air cheers for the offer tho!!!

    I do dalby as much as I can and often take the drive to cannock!! We did Aston hill at begining of the month and are looking at a weekend there in the next couple of months will drop you a PM.