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Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres

MarkS1980MarkS1980 Posts: 49
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My commute has a couple of sections where the road surface is fairly bad plus some cycle path running alongside the local woods so I thought it would be best to fit some Marathon Plus tyres for my Sport 1 before I get a puncture. I'd already read about how hard they can be to fit so I searched for as many tips as I could, watched the fitting video on YouTube 500 times, had a decent meal an hour before, took on plenty of fluids, had a warm up then set to work. Half an hour to fit one tyre! :lol:
My god these things are hard work. Time for a lunch break before I take on the rear wheel. If I get any punctures when I'm out I think I might cry.


  • I fitted some on mine during the weekend but had a mate help out. Was easier than expected, go get some extra muscle :).
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  • I've just realised I forgot to lubricate the rim. I'm sure that will help with the second one. I will not be beaten by a tyre!
    It's a good workout though. I think I managed to burn more calories in that half hour than I did during yesterday's ride :lol:
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,747
    Lubing the rim appears a must for the Marathons, I used cheapy Bronx PF-resistant for a while (too wide for new frame) and they were a beatch to get on without some lube, with some lube they slipped on much easier.

  • depends on the rim size, i've fitted several sets of 25mm marathon plusses and never need lubrication or tyre levers!
  • They are 700x25c. I think it's partly because I haven't changed a road tyre for so long. MTB tyres are far easier. Anyway, the second one put up less of a fight and only took ten minutes. I'd hate to do them at the side of the road in the winter though.
  • RufusARufusA Posts: 500
    Once they are on, and ridden a bit, they are a lot easier to pop on / off.

    However not something you'd want to do in the p'ing rain with frozen fingers whilst holding your front light between your teeth as an improvised torch!

  • UchigaUchiga Posts: 230
    I didnt have any problems with mine...

    I spent about 5 minutes putting on a front and rear tyre. Though this was the first time. The second time it took me half an hour and a pinched innertube later... I had swapped them for a set of land cruisers for some off road singlespeeding... Wont be doing that again. However the third time (swapping the front and rear tyres to get even wear) it didnt take anylonger than 5 minutes again. Which i find interesting. I did need a single tyre lever but otherwise they're easy enough.
  • Agree on most of this. I bought 2 700 x 25 Marathon Plus from SJS. It was hard work to fit them. At one point I was sure I would never get them on. They are on now and hopefully I will get miles of puncture free winter riding from them.
    I am hopeful my thumbs will be back to normal by Wednesday.
    As one other poster said the prospect of wrestling with these with cold hands at the roadsise is not appealing. So I have put a folding Ultrasport in my commute bag to cover this. I may end up riding home, 30s style, with a Marathon Plus wrapped around my shoulders.
  • bikerbillbikerbill Posts: 269

    Scroll down a bit and there is a nice little video on how to get them on.
  • bikerbill wrote:

    Scroll down a bit and there is a nice little video on how to get them on.

    Less than 4 minutes - not bad! 8)
  • Godders1Godders1 Posts: 750
    I used the Spa cycles technique (although using cable ties instead or pedal straps) and it was a doddle!
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